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Hygienists Want to Be Respected

We will create public service announcements to educate the public on how valuable we are.

Hygienists Want Tangible Benefits

We will team up with companies to provide discounts on various types of insurance including disability.

Hygienists Have Limited Time 

We decided to create an alliance that will help and reduce the stress of having to search for information and different resources. We have committed to doing the work for you and providing you with everything you need on one platform.

Hygienists Want Their Scope of Practice Expanded to Improve Patient Care

We will work to advocate for changes and will team up with other hygiene organizations as there is always strength in numbers.

Hygienists Are Struggling With Workforce Issues

We will be focusing on helping hygienists by educating and directing our members on how to protect themselves in the workplace. We will also ensure we provide plenty of guidance on excelling in your current roles.

Hygienists get confused about their current scope of practice

We will be creating a page that will keep you up to date on what services you can provide under your current scope of practice. This will help to protect our dental hygienists across the state.

Hygienists Want To Be Informed On the Latest Research and Treatment Modalities

We will stay on top of the latest research and will share information with all of our members that will allow them to provide comprehensive care to their patients.

Hygienists Want to Know About Current Job Opportunities

We will maintain an employment board with current jobs and opportunities both in the op and outside of the op.

As you can see our focus is on you the dental hygienist. For far too long you have been forgotten and it is time to once again put you in the spotlight!