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Our focus is in helping you to grow in your profession. These table talks will help in accomplishing this goal.  They will be prerecorded and launched on a monthly basis for you to watch at your convenience. You will get CE credits. However, not all topics will count towards license renewal.


Show Me the Money! Guest Panelist Dianne Watterson

This table talk will focus on helping hygienist to understand their worth within the dental practice. It will teach them about the benchmarks that they should be monitoring on a monthly basis to ensure they are contributing to practice success. It will serve as an educational tool in understanding how to approach an employer to discuss a potential increase in pay or bonus system. You will want to take time out to watch this recorded table talk.


Can My Employer Really Do This?? Guest Panelist Anne Guignon

We continuously hear from dental hygienists who are frustrated with employment rules not being followed. This table talk will focus on the federal laws that have been set in place regarding FMLA, overtime pay, exemptions and so many important topics. You will not want to miss viewing this session as you will learn how to approach your employer when things are not right. You will gain the confidence to present your argument with well researched information in order to ensure you are treated fairly under labor laws.


Just Breathe: Practical Solutions to Infection Control in the Dental Setting- 2021. Guest Panelist Noel Kelsch

As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, it is important to be reminded of the latest recommendations regarding how we can protect ourselves as dental professionals. Noel will share her expertise in helping us to understand what the latest guidelines are and the decisions we need to make when exposed to this virus. This will be a session you will not want to miss.


Can I Legally Do This? Guest Panelists Courtney Kolbrich, Christa McConaghy, Lisandra Maisonet

As licensed dental professionals, it is imperative that we know the scope of our profession. Many times, dental hygienists are unsure of what they can or cannot do. This conversation will center on the dental law and state regulations for the state of Pennsylvania. We will go through the act and help to answer questions regarding specific procedures that always come up in conversation such as the use of lasers. We will also help to direct and educate hygienists on where to look for this information and how to easily find it so they can protect themselves throughout their profession.


When No One is Looking. Guest Panelist Shavonne Healy

In our practice of dental hygiene, we have faced ethical dilemmas that have put our decision making to the test. During this presentation we will focus on some of the ethical issues dental hygienists face on a daily basis and how to handle these without going against what we believe to be the correct thing to do. After listening to this, you will be empowered to face situations professionally and will have the ability to stand firm in what you believe in.


Own Your Role as a Preventive Specialist. Guest Panelist Dr. Paul Goodman

It is extremely vital that we move away from the conception that we just clean teeth and embrace our role as preventive specialists. In order to do this, dental hygienists need to take charge of their roles in their practices in order to ensure strong dental hygiene departments. Our guest panelist is a dentist who will share his thoughts on the importance of embracing our roles and his though process on how you can contribute to comprehensive patient care and practice success.


Moving Beyond the Treatment Room. Guest Panelist Elijah Desmond

Dental Hygienist are full of potential. While many may seem like they are confined to their everyday routine, there are so many different options in the professional world that will allow you to share your passion for this profession. Some of the roles include jumping into treatment plan coordinator positions, management, or even into the education field. You won’t want to miss a talk that will help you to tap into the many opportunities that exist in our field.


The Latest and Greatest in Patient Care? Guest Panelists Tricia Osuna, Christa McConaghy, Debbie Zafiropolous, Lisa Stillman

As preventive specialist, it is vital that we stay abreast of the latest treatment modalities to help in promoting overall health for our patients. In this table talk we will focus on several products and treatment recommendations for providing the best care to our patients. As a dental hygienist, you will leave empowered with the knowledge required to provide the best care for your patients.


Your Body is Your Most Important Instrument. Guest Panelist John Urena

As dental hygienists, we face physical challenges on a daily basis. These physical demands will cause musculoskeletal issues and as healthcare professionals we must learn how to combat these.

There are many solutions to prevent these musculoskeletal disorders and this table talk will focus on providing you with this information.


A Spirit of Collaboration. Guest Panelist Helen Hawkey

It is imperative that the dental hygiene profession form interprofessional collaborations in order to provide state of the art healthcare delivery. Dental hygienists are in a unique preventive role that can aid in pushing for a continued message of the connection between the mouth and the body. It is key that relationships be formed that can help us drive this message. This table talk will focus on how to establish these bonds and the importance of doing so.


Overcoming Mental Strain. Guest Panelist Kristy Menage Bernie

Dental hygiene professionals can undergo a great deal of stress on a daily basis. We need to realize that stress can also impact our overall health, so it is imperative to find ways to manage our stress in order to be able to perform to our greatest potential. Our guest panelist will focus on the stressors related to dentistry and how to best overcome these. 


You Asked & We Listened Guest Panelist Christa McConaghy, Courtney Kolbrich, Lisandra Maisonet

Throughout the year we have listened to your thoughts and concerns and will be focusing our topics for the upcoming year based on your input. Our goal is to continue to help you in continuing to grow within your roles and maintaining your passion alive! We look forward to ending the year with the final table talk of 2021.